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Class Reservations

To reserve a space in a cooking class, please email with information about which class you are interested in, number of attendees, email address, and phone number. Please write in the subject line what class(es) you are interested in. We will get back in touch with you to confirm your seat in the class. Once confirmed, we will require payment information for the class (cash, gift certificates, Visa/MasterCard) for the purpose of our cancellation policy. You have until 72 hours before the scheduled class to cancel without any penalty; cancellations within 72 hours will be charged the full amount.

New rule: Unfortunately we have had a problem with people coming late to class! You will not be admitted to class if you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start time of class. You will be responsible for payment for the class in the event that you arrive more than 15 minutes after the class begins.

New Feature: Vegetarian Index!

Each class description now includes information on whether a class is vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly. The following descriptions are used:

Vegetarian: the class is completely vegetarian; no meat or fish products are used at all.
Vegetarian-friendly: Most dishes served are vegetarian, but one item is not and can be easily omitted. See Pierogi for an example.
Not Vegetarian: the class focuses on meat/fish or meat/fish products.

If a class is full, we are always happy to add you to the waiting list. People change registrations constantly, so you very well might get in!

To be kept up to date on class announcements, please join our email list under the Contact Us tab or email to be added.


September and October 2014 Classes

Tuesday, September 16, 6:30PM Middle Eastern Vegetarian with Marta Mirecki
Saturday, September 20, 11AM Intro to Sauces with Marta Mirecki
Saturday, September 20, 3PM Basic Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki
Saturday, September 27, 3PM (FULL) Croquembouche & Chocolate Mousse with Gino Martens-Salardi (FULL)
Tuesday, Sept, 30, 6:30PM (FULL) Handmade Pasta with Marta Mirecki (FULL)

Saturday, October 4, 11AM (FULL) Pies and Tarts with Marta Mirecki (FULL)
Saturday, October 4, 3PM (FULL) Basic Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki (FULL)
Thursday, October 9, 6:30PM Basic Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki
Thursday, October 23, 6:30PM (FULL) Basic Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki (FULL)
Saturday, October 25, 11AM (FULL) Cookies and Bars with Marta Mirecki (FULL)
Tuesday, October 28 6:30PM Knife Skills 2: Poultry with Marta Mirecki

Basic Knife Skills, $50
Learning basic knife skills can change cooking from a chore to a real pleasure! This class will teach you the basic cuts and give you the chance to practice them in a fun and relaxed environment. Hill’s Kitchen will provide excellent quality Mac and Wusthof knives to practice with–so just bring yourself! Covering everything from knife selection to knife use to knife storage, this class will make you feel more comfortable in the kitchen and help you keep your fingers safe. Vegetarian.

Cookies and Bars, $45
Making beautiful, bakeshop-worthy baked goods takes more than a great recipe. During this demonstration class Chef Marta will show tricks and techniques to make your cookies and bars look and taste their best. Demonstrated recipes will include drop cookies, whoopie pies, and Texas sheet cake. Vegetarian.

Farmer’s Market Basket: What’s Fresh This Week? $45
This class will feature ideas on how to cook what is fresh and available from local farmer’s markets that week. September harvests typically include apples, beets, squash, salad greens, and other fruits and vegetables. This is a demonstration class. Vegetarian-friendly.

Sauces: Stocks and Hot Mother Sauces, $55
If you can boil water then you can make stock! This demonstration class will show how easy it is to make your own stocks and use them with meats and vegetables. We will also discuss and demonstrate the hot mother sauces: bechamel, veloute, hollandaise, espagnole, and tomato. Not Vegetarian.

Apulia Sauces: Three Italian Fall Harvest Pasta Sauces, $45
Learn how to make three easy and stunningly flavored pasta sauces in this demonstration class with Sandy Tallant! In one, we combine fall’s late-season green tomatoes with lemon and creamy Italian ricotta cheese. We also cover a sauce of sautéed fresh greens with onions, garlic, and pine nuts. We will also cook a briny green olives with anchovies and white wine sauce. Serve all three sauces on pasta typical of the region. Vegetarian friendly

Croquembouche & Chocolate Mousse, $45
In this demonstrations class, join Master Chef Gino Martens-Salardi as he teaches you how to make the elegant, daring, and delicious croquembouche. This course will cover pastry puffs, chocolate mousse, and caramel sauce as well as the construction of a crokenbush. Vegetarian

Knife Skills 2: Poultry, $65
Learning knife skills can change cooking from a chore to a real pleasure! This class will teach you how to break down and debone a chicken. We will practice on two birds per student, and students will head home with their butchered chicken parts packed so they can use them for dinner. We will practice quartering, deboning, and skinning, as well as discussing the basic cuts of chicken and where they can be used best, as well as making stock. Hill´s Kitchen will provide excellent quality Mac and Wusthof knives to practice with–so just bring yourself! Taking the basic knife skills class is a pre-requisite for this class. Not Vegetarian.

Middle Eastern Vegetarian, $45
Vegetarian cuisine: It’s not just for vegetarians anymore! During this demonstration class you will see some great dishes that adapt themselves well to many other cooking styles. Join us as we prepare Steamed Basmati Rice with Red Lentils, Spinach and Chickpeas, Baba Ghanouj (Roasted Eggplant Dip), and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic, Dill, and Lemon. Vegetarian.

Pasta, $50
Handmade pasta is something special: chewy and toothsome but just sticky enough to carry the right amount of sauce. A great accompaniment to dishes like beef bourguignon or braised lamb, or as a simple main dish tossed with pesto and early summer tomatoes; handmade pasta is a skill to master for colder weather. This is a participation class, so everyone will be making their own batch of pasta, with enough to take home. Wear an old shirt and bring good questions!

Pies and Tarts 1, $50
Cool weather means pie season! During this demonstration class, Chef Marta will discuss equipment, rolling techniques, glazes, and dough variations. Recipes demonstrated will include the following: Savory Vegetable and Cheese Tart, Classic Apple Pie, Hand Pies, and Tarte Tatin (subject to change). Vegetarian

Marta Mirecki is a graduate of L’Academie de Cuisine’s Culinary Arts Program. She has worked as a line cook at French restaurants, taught cooking classes at community centers, and cooked up 80 gallons of soup at a time for Food & Friends, an organization that provides meals and groceries for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses. These days Marta is the head cook and bottle washer with Tiny House Chef Personal Chef Service ( She and her family live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.
Sandy Tallant is a long-time Capitol Hill resident, accomplished home cook, cooking instructor, and cookbook reviewer. She is inspired by her Italian heritage and frequent travels through Europe, South Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Near East. Each dish is a reflection of its culture: what is grown, what is grazed; the region, the people, and the cross pollination of cultures. The dishes are designed to be easily and quickly assembled with tastes of faraway lands.
Gino Martens-Salardi, the amazing Private Master Chef and all-round Hotelier, has catered over 100,000 special events, and has had over a million satisfied guests, including Royalties, Presidents and Celebrities across the globe. New to DC, he is ready to meet a new group of students and teach fine dining to our community!