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Posted on Jul 10, 2012 in New at Hill's Kitchen

New Neighborhood Farmer’s Market

We are thrilled that there is a new farmer’s market opening up in the neighborhood. Starting TODAY –

This Tuesday, July 10, Eastern Market will be launching a new Tuesday Farmer’s Market!
It will run from 3pm to 7pm and will have some familiar faces:

Lee and Stephanie from Barbour´s Fruit Farm, Pennsylvania
Daniel and Russell from Dunham´s Produce, West Virginia
Since 1978 – Ashton Farms from West Virginia
Ma Brown´s Stand – Freshly baked goods since 1979
Bob King and his Swiss Peelers

We will also be introducing new farmers:

John Stoltzfus and Christian Hertzler fresh from the Amish Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall, MD.
Ben Hertzler, “The Watermelon King” from St. Mary´s County, MD
Julie “Baaaa Baaaa” Bolton Groff´s Content Farm, MD
Shyla and Steven “Heirloom” Kennedy from Purcellville, VA