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Asha Allam and Bill Day | January 2, 2015

Ordering from Hill’s Kitchen registries is easy. Simply call the store at 202.543.1997 or email us at with the item(s) you would like to give. When placing your order please make sure to include the item number and quantity desired.
Complimentary gift wrapping makes the perfect present complete. As a neighborhood store, we hand deliver your present to the couple negating a need for shipping charges and adding a personal touch.
Please have your credit card ready (Visa and Mastercard accepted) along with you billing address and telephone number when you contact the store.
Thank you for supporting the happy couple on their special day!

Stovetop and Electrics

10.25" Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan, with lid11420filled$89.99 (special price!)
5.8qt Swiss Diamond Nonstick Saute Pan, with Lid41551$219.95
2qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless8filled$99.99 (special price)
6qt Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Grendaine Enamel, Rooster Knob5883filled$199.99 (promo price!)
Chantal 2qt Loop Water Kettle, Red5730filled$59.99
Lodge 10.5" Cast Iron Griddle, Preasoned1330filled$22.95
Horum Model HH Premium Slow Juicer101731$349.99 (new, lower price!)

Knives and Accessories

7" Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku Knife11292filled$149.99
5" Wusthof Classic Ikon Boning Knife11298filled$99.99
5" Wusthof Classic Ikon Tomato Knife11288filled$99.99
Two Stage Pull Through Wusthof Knife Sharpener11304filled$19.99
Benriner Mandoline Slicer (with 3 Juilienne Blades)10095filled$49.99
Minnesota Shaped Epicurean Cutting Board11553Filled$24.99
8x6" Epicurean Cutting Board, Natural Brown665filled$11.99
15x11" Epicurean Cutting Board with Gripper Feet, Natural Brown8813filled$29.99
18x13" Epicurean Cutting Board with Juice Groove, Natural674filled$62.99

Kitchenware and Accessories

Zyliss Salad Spinner, Green2193filled$29.99
Joie Standing Citrus Juicer101191$7.99
Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater29081$34.95
Microplane Zester/Grater18131$12.95
2qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl997filled$8.99
4qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl998filled$10.99
6qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl999filled$15.99
13" Stainless Steel Splatter Screen5081$21.95
15" Mesh Strainer, Stainless Steel5151$15.95
5qt Stainless Steel Colander7322filled$32.95
CDN Ovenproof Instant Read Thermometer204filled$9.95
Zyliss Herb Scissors with Herb Stripper2373filled$8.95
5pc Rounded Measuring Spoons, Stainless Steel118011$12.99
5pc Rounded Measuring Cups Stainless Steel118001$29.99

Stirring and Flipping Tools

12" Stainless Steel Tongs with Silicone Tips, Green Apple5565filled$14.95
Mini Tongs with Silicone Tips, Blue11370filled$7.99
Slotted Silicone Turner, Orange Peel8625filled$11.99
12" Slotted Silicone Spoon, Deep Blue1455filled$9.95
12" Solid Silicone Spoon, Purple38051$8.95
Silicone Spatula, Red1464filled$9.95

Bakeware and Accessories

3.8qt Emile Henry Lasagna Dish, Azur Blue657filled$65.99
5.4qt Emile Henry Lasagna Dish, Cerise Red4313filled$76.95
9x9" Emile Henry Baking Dish, Olive Green7351filled$39.99
15" Round Pizza Stone 10019filled$22.50
6oz Ceramic Ramekins, White1148filled$2.95
29pc Cake Decorating Tip Set, Stainless Steel5113filled$32.00
12" Plastic Coated Decorating Bag106filled$3.40

Entertaining, Towels, and Accessories

Butcher Stripe Apron1614filled$21.99
12" Round Accaciawood Salad Bowl8091filled$55.00
12" Accaciawood Salad Hands6825filled$9.95
Moby Whale Bottle Opener11993filled$13.99
Double Hinged Corkscrew, Rosewood Inlay1862filled$14.99
7.5" Derwent Peppermill9588filled$40.00
7.5" Derwent Saltmill9587filled$40.00
13" Rocking Pizza Knife988filled$12.50