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Mallory Bubar and Andrew Bailey | February 16, 2019

Ordering from Hill’s Kitchen registries is easy. Simply call the store at 202.543.1997 or email us at with the item(s) you would like to give. When placing your order please make sure to include the item number and quantity desired.
Complimentary gift wrapping makes the perfect present complete. As a neighborhood store, we hand deliver your present to the couple negating a need for shipping charges and adding a personal touch.

Please have your credit card ready (Visa and Mastercard accepted) along with your billing address and telephone number when you contact the store.

Thank you for supporting the happy couple on their special day!

Stovetop and Electrics

10" All-Clad Fry Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel5616filled$99.99 (special, limited time price)
1.5qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with lid, 3ply Stainless Steel7786filled$79.99 (special price!)
3qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with lid, 3ply Stainless Steel4690filled$119.99 (special, limited time price)
9" Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, Preseasoned11853filled$21.99
12" Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, Preseasoned13271$39.99
Single Burner Lodge Grill/Griddle, Preseasoned1331filled$49.99
5qt Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Preseasoned1334filled$63.99
2qt Chantal Anniversary Kettle, Aqua Blue12910filled$40.00
11c Cuisinart Food Processor, Chrome55961$179.99

Wusthof Knives and Accessories

4" Wide Wusthof Classic Paring Knife11259filled$64.99
6" Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife 11277filled$59.99 (special, limited time price)
8" Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife11278filled$149.99
8" Wushoft Classic Offset Bread Knife11263filled$109.99
7" Wusthof Classic Chai Dao Knife, with hollow ground edge11266filled$129.99
18" Magnet Bar965filled$27.99

Kitchenware and Accessories

7pc Measuring Cups, Stainless Steel5387filled$34.99
6pc Oval Measuring Spoons, Stainless Steel946filled$13.99
Rectangular Grill Basket318filled$19.99

Bakeware and Accessories

8x8" Emile Henry Baking Dish, Twilight Blue12727filled$39.99
9" Emile Henry Pie Dish, Twilight Blue124filled$29.99 (special, limied time price)
2oz Ceramic Ramekin, White1147filled$1.50
USAPan 8.5x4.5" Loaf Pan, Silicone Nonstick5014filled$15.99
USAPan 9" Round Cake Pan, Silicone Nonstick5010filled$19.99
Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan7675filled$34.00
Stainless Steel Bench Scraper88filled$7.75

Entertaining and Home Accessories

SodaStream Fizzi Starter Set, black (includes machine, canister, and bottle)129121$89.99
SodaStream 1L Carbonating Bottle, Set of 250711$19.99
3x2' Wellness Standing Mat, Gray11402filled$119.99
Now Designs Ripple Towel, BaliBlue1573filled$8.99
Now Designs Ripple Towel, White1582filled$8.99