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Eden Garber and Charles Henderson | September 15, 2013

Ordering from Hill’s Kitchen registries is easy. Simply call the store at 202.543.1997 or email us at with the item(s) you would like to give. When placing your order please make sure to include the item number and quantity desired.
Complimentary gift wrapping makes the perfect present complete. As a neighborhood store, we hand deliver your present to the couple negating a need for shipping charges and adding a personal touch.
Please have your credit card ready (Visa and Mastercard accepted) along with you billing address and telephone number when you contact the store.
Thank you for supporting the happy couple on their special day!
ItemItem NumberRequestedPrice

Stovetop and Electrics

Lodge Single Burner Grill/Griddle1331filled$44.95
8" Swis Diamond Nonstick Pan20301$49.99
13" All-Clad French Skillet, 3ply Stainless Steel8459filled$119.99 (special, limited time price!)
1.5qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel7786filled $89.95 (special, limited time price!)
3.5qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel8027filled $139.95 (special, limited time price!)
10" Lid for All-Clad Fry Pan10167temporarily unavailable$40.00
8qt Stainless Steel Multicooker (strainer and steamer inserts)47141$65.00
Cuisinart 12c Coffeemaker, Chrome4750filled$89.99
WaringPro Convection Toaster Oven5289filled$89.99
Cuisinart 400w Immersion Blender with Whisk and Mini Prep Processor8097filled$79.99
EdgeCraft 1.5qt Electric Water Kettle, Glass8925filled$59.99

Bakeware and Accessories

Emile Henry 14.4" Ceramic Baking Stone, Rouge Red7358filled$49.99
Nordic Ware Half Sheet Pan, Natural Aluminum3880filled$13.95
Silpat Silicone Baking Mat11602 requested, 1 filled$24.95
Chrome Cooling Rack (fits a half sheet pan)9097filled$8.50
Nordic Ware 10" Pie Pan with Plastic Lid2377filled$18.95
USAPan 9x5" Loaf Pan, Silicone Nonstick50152 requested, 1 filled$16.95
Nordic Ware Quarter Sheet Pan, 9x13x2" Cake Pan, and Plastic Lid1844filled$28.95
Noridc Ware 9x9x2" Cake Pan, Natural Aluminum3659filled$14.95
USAPan 12c Muffin Pan, Silicone Nonstick5017filled$29.95
Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan, Nonstick3666filled$38.00
JK Adams French Rolling Dowel, Vermont Maple43filled$11.95
6oz Porcelain Ramekin1148filled$1.95

Kitchenware and Accessories

5pc Measuring Cups Stainless Steel947filled$23.95
5pc Measuring Spoons, Stainless Steel948filled$10.99
Chef'n Switch-It Double Ended Spatula, Curacao3673filled$9.95
Slotted Silicone Turner/Spatula, Stratus Blue86361$11.95
Chef'n Colapsible Colander, Avocado Green3391$19.99
CDN Digital Quick Tip Thermometer200filled$19.95
10" Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk4764filled$8.95
12" Locking Tongs, Stainless Steel3285filled$12.95
2qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl997filled$8.95
4qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl998filled$10.95
6qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl999filled$15.95
8qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl1000filled$20.95

Duralex Glass Bowls and Frigoverre Glass Storage Containers

20cm Glass Bowl, 48oz7026filled$7.95
23cm Glass Bowl, 80oz4086filled$9.50
26cm Glass Bowl, 112oz4771filled$14.95
7" Square Frigoverre Container, 54.25oz3758filled$12.95
6" Square Frigoverre Container, 25.5oz3850filled$8.95
4" Square Frigoverre Container, 8oz4092filled$6.50
3x6" Rectangular Frigoverre Container, 13.5oz3757filled$7.95

Cutting Boards, Knives, and Sharp Tools

14" Round Madeira Chop Block, Teak8059filled$59.99
18x13" Epicurean Carving Board, Natural671filled$34.95
10" Mac Knife Bread Knife, Superior Series2306filled$95.00
Polder Take-Apart Shears7458filled$19.99
Microplane Zester/Grater1813filled$12.95
Microplane 4 Sided Box Grater2908filled$34.95

Entertaining and Accessories

12" Round Accaciawood Salad Bowl8091filled$55.00
6.5" Accaciawood Salad Hands8105filled$12.50
Peugot 7" Paris Saltmill U-Select Series, Natural Wood4395filled$38.95
Peugot 7" Paris Peppermill, U-Select Series, Chocolate Brown1546filled$38.95
10" Serving Ladle, Stainless Steel61741$9.95
1L Glass Misura Carafe (Water Pitcher)4094filled$7.50
Onion Goggles, Black1021filled$19.99
Vinturi Red Wine Aerator3130filled$45.00
6oz Porcelain Cow Creamer1173filled$7.95
Set Sail Tea Towel (with Anchor Theme)9723filled$7.50
Set Sail PorcelainMug (with Anchor Theme)9696filled$6.95
The Best Slow Cooker Cookbook Ever by Diane Phillips4453filled$24.95
How to Cook Everything byMark Bittman2845filled$34.95
The Mediterranean Slow Cooker by Diane Phillips8881filled$24.95