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Mary Olive Jones and Eric Hansen| May 23, 2015

Ordering from Hill’s Kitchen registries is easy. Simply call the store at 202.543.1997 or email us at with the item(s) you would like to give. When placing your order please make sure to include the item number and quantity desired. Complimentary gift wrapping makes the perfect present complete. As a neighborhood store, we hand deliver your present to the couple negating a need for shipping charges and adding a personal touch. Please have your credit card ready (Visa and Mastercard accepted) along with your billing address and telephone number when you contact the store. Thank you for supporting the happy couple on their special day! Leah


11" Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan2032filled$109.95
11" Lid for Swiss Diamond 4878filled$39.99
10" All-Clad Fry Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel5616filled$99.99 (special, limited time price)
1qt All-Clad Saucier, 3ply Stainless Steel5filled$79.99
2qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel8filled$99.99 (special, limited time price)
3.5qt All-Clad Sauce Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel8027filled$139.99 (special, limited time price)
2qt Chantal Loop Water Kettle, Indigo Blue6381filled$59.99
14" Carbon Steel Wok with Lid4791filled$49.95

Kitchenware and Accessories

Kuhn Rikon 4" Nonstick Paring Knife, with Sheath, Blue9964filled$9.99
18x13" Epicurean Cutting Board with Juice Groove, Natural Brown674filled$62.99
15x11" Epicurean Cutting Board with Gripper Feet, Natural Brown8813filled$29.99
Benriner Mandoline Slicer with 3 Julienne Blades10095filled$49.99
20oz Stainless Steel Bowl11390filled$6.99
2qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl997filled$8.99
4qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl998filled$10.95
6qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl999filled$15.95
Peugeot 7" Paris Peppermill, U-Select Series, Chocolate (for the table)1546filled$38.99
Peugeot 7" Paris Saltmill U-Select Series, Chocolate (for the table)1547filled$38.99
7.5" Derwent Peppermill, Stainless Steel (for the kitchen)9588filled$40.00
Silicone Pepper Pad, Clear2939filled$4.99
Rosle Pizza Cutter, Green Handle10042filled$17.50
13" Fine Mesh Strainer, Stainless Steel515filled$15.95
Stainless Steel Cherry Pitter935filled$6.95
Turkey Lifters, Set of 22541filled$15.99
Zyliss Silicone Pastry Brush6183filled$6.99
Kyocera Ceramic Peeler3032filled$9.95

Bakeware and Accessories

16x12" Mauviel Roasting Pan with Roasting Rack, 3ply stainless Steel8750filled$160.00
9" Kaiser Springform Pan, La Forme Series1262filled$24.99 (special, limited time price)
18x13" Nordicware Half Sheet Pan3880filled$13.99
9" Round USAPan Cake Pan, Silicone Nonstick5010filled$19.99
9x13x2" Nordicware Cake Pan3663filled$16.95
16x12" Chrome Cooling Rack9097filled$8.50
6oz Ceramic Ramekin1148filled$2.99
3.5" Stainless Steel Ring5562filled$5.95

Stiring Tools and Gadgets

Tovolo Silicone Spatula, Red1464filled$9.95
Tovolo Silicone Turner, Red8633filled$11.95
Silicone Mini Tong/Turners, Red11371filled$7.99
Epicurean Angled Turner, Natural Brown5324filled$9.99
9.5" Stainless Steel Tongs3286filled$10.99
10" Egg Whisk, Stainless Steel575filled$10.95

Storage Containers

Tovolo Ice Cream Container, Raspberry11364filled$7.99
Glass 3x5" Freezer Safe Container, 13.5oz3757filled$7.95
Glass 6x6" Freezer Safe Container, 25.25oz3850filled$8.95
Glass 7x7" Freezer Safe Container, 54.25oz3758filled$12.95
Glass 11.25oz Round Freezer Safe Container4485filled$6.95

Entertaining and Softgoods

Corkpops Champagne Stopper11818filled$6.50
Stainless Steel Cocktail Pick, Feather11814filled$2.25
Stainless Steel Cocktail Pick, Sword11815filled$2.25
Set of 4 Mini Cheese Tools, Wood Handles1362filled$14.95
Rosle Zester, Stainless Steel1952filled$25.99
3x2' Wellness Mat, Brown11405filled$119.99
Prime Cut Oven Mitt (animal outlines)7506filled$7.99