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Lisa Klein and Drew Vogel | April 21, 2013

Hill’s Kitchen is a fantastic small business located in the Eastern Market neighborhood near our home. Cooking is one of our greatest joys, and Hill’s Kitchen is always our first stop when we’re looking for a new addition to our kitchen. The owner, Leah, is an amazing lady whose love and enthusiasm for cooking and her customers shines through every aspect of the store. She also has Wisconsin family ties and we’ve designated her an honorary Badger for life.
If you are interested in ordering anything off our registry, please give Leah a call at 202.543.1997 or email her at She knows our preferences very well and can answer any questions you might have.
Thanks so much!
Lisa and Drew

ItemItem NumberRequestedPrice


All-Clad 12” Fry Pan, 3ply Stainless84661$155.00
All-Clad 2qt Saucier with Stainless Whisk, 3ply Stainless53111$119.99 (special price!)
8qt Stainless Steel Multi-Cooker (steamer and strainer inserts)47141$65.00
Staub Crepe Pan with Spreader and Flipper20191$99.95
Staub 2.5qt Round Dutch Oven, Saffron Yellow Enamel5792filled$99.99 (Special, Limited time price)

Emile Henry, Bakeware, and Accessories

Emile Henry 9” Pie Dish, Citron Yellow3927filled$44.95
3.8qt Emile Henry Lasagna Dish, Cerise Red6581$65.95
2qt Emile Henry Souffle Dish, Azur Blue645filled$44.95
14oz Porcelain Ramekin, White2411filled$4.95
NordicWare Half Sheet Pan3880filled$13.95
NordicWare 9"” Round Cake Pan18492$12.95
USAPan 9x13"” Cake Pan, Silicone Nonstick71971$22.95
USASPan 12c Muffin Pan, Silicone Nonstick50171$29.95
Ceramic Pie Weights5372filled$5.95
7.75x1.25"” Offset Spatula841$7.30
Two-Tiered Collapsible Cupcake Carrier37281$34.95

Kitchenware and Accessories

2qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl9971$6.95
4qt Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl9981$9.95
Cuisipro 5pc Measuring Spoons, Stainless Steel550filled$12.95
Cuisipro 4pc Measuring Cups, Stainless Steel5491$34.95
Meissermeister Take Apart Shears, Black9026filled$14.99
Polder Digital In-Oven Thermometer with Candy Clip18981$26.95
9.5"” Stainless Steel Tongs with Black Silicone Tips5591$12.95
15x11"” Epicurean Cutting Board with Counter Grips, Natural Brown88132 requested, 1 filled$29.99
18x13"” Epicurean Cutting Board with Juice Groove6741$62.99
14"” Beechwood Spoon87442$4.50
Tango Silicone Spatula with Blue Swirls47311$8.95
Tango Silicone Spoon with Green Swirls47421$8.95
Slotted Silicone Turner, Red86331$11.95

Entertaining and Softgoods

12”" Round Acacia Wood Salad Bowl8091filled$55.00
12”" Acacia Wood Salad Fork Set6825filled$9.95
9"” Peugeot Paris Peppermill, U-Select Series, Natural31961$42.95
7"” Peugeot Paris Saltmill, U-Select Series, Natural43951$38.95
”Sauces” by James Peterson, 3rd Edition34511$49.95
Stainless Steel Pie Server6175filled$6.99
9x9”" MuKitchen Pocket Potholder, Orange22722$7.99
9x9”" MuKitchen Pocket Potholder, Indigo68382$7.99
13”" MuKitchen Oven Mitt, Orange22761$9.99
MuKitchen Bamboo Dishtowel, Natural, Undyed49905$7.99