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Kirsten Tullia and Thad Flood | September 21, 2013

Ordering from Hill’s Kitchen registries is easy. Simply call the store at 202.543.1997 or email us at with the item(s) you would like to give. When placing your order please make sure to include the item number and quantity desired.
Complimentary gift wrapping makes the perfect present complete. As a neighborhood store, we hand deliver your present to the couple negating a need for shipping charges and adding a personal touch.
Please have your credit card ready (Visa and Mastercard accepted) along with you billing address and telephone number when you contact the store.
Thank you for supporting the happy couple on their special day!
ItemItem NumberRequestedPrice

Stovetop and Electrics

All-Clad 2qt Saute Pan with Lid, 3ply Stainless Steel8428filled$119.99
14x11" All-Clad Roasting Pan with V-Rack2583filled$129.99 (special, limited time price!)
8qt Stainless Steel Multi-Cooker (steamer and strainer inserts)4714filled$65.00
14" Carbon Steel Wok with Lid4791filled$44.95
Edgecraft Belgian Waffle Maker2890filled$74.95
Waring Pro Professional Blender, Chrome499filled$109.00
Cuisinart 11c Food Processor5596filled$179.00

Emile Henry, Bakeware, and Accessories

Emile Henry 9" Pie Dish, Azur Blue639filled$44.95
Emile Henry Salt Pig, Cerise Red626filled$39.95
Kaiser 9" Springform Pan, La Forme Ceramic Series1262filled$48.00
USAPan 9x5" Loaf Pan, Silicone Nonstick5015filled$16.95
USAPan 8x8" Cake Pan, Silicone Nonstick5012filled$18.95
USAPan 9" Round Cake Pan, Silicone Nonstick5010filled$19.95
USAPan Half Sheet Pan, Silicone Nonstick5008filled$24.95
USAPan 12c Muffin Pan, Silicone Nonstick5017filled$29.95
Nonstick Cooling Rack1840filled$11.95
Tapered Bamboo Rolling Pin with Bamboo Inlay2328filled$19.95
2c Glass Measuring Cup1116filled$8.50

Kitchenware and Accessories

Rosle Ladle, Stainless Steel1971filled$30.95
Rosle Slotted Turner, Stainless Steel1973filled$30.95
Rosle Slotted Spoon, Stainless Steel1975filled$31.95
Rosle Solid Spoon, Stainless Steel1972filled$30.95
Rosle Can Opener1947filled$39.99
Cuisipro 13" Splatter Screen, Stainless Steel508filled$21.95
Cuisipro 13" Fine Mesh Strainer, Stainless Steel515filled$15.95
CDN Digital, Instant Read Thermometer200filled$19.99
Chef'n Collapsible Colander, Cherry Red340filled$19.99
Peugeot 4.75" Toul Peppermill, Acrylic1554filled$21.99
Peugeot 4.75" Toul Saltmill, Acrylic1555filled$21.95
Arti Digital Scale, Overly Orange8181filled$34.95

Knives and Cutting Boards

LamsonSharp 8" Wide Chef's Knife, Silver Series3539filled$100.00
LamsonSharp 7" Fillet/Boning Knife, Silver Series3537filled$70.00
Lamson Sharp 8" Bread Knife, Silver Series3541filled$76.00
Lamson Sharp 3.5" Paring Knife, Silver Series2525filled$44.00
7.25" Cleaver5581filled$47.00
Bodum Bistro Knife Block, Black6293filled$49.95
Take-Apart Kitchen Shears7458filled$19.99
14x20" Teak Carving Board with Juice Groove8057filled$39.99
12x9" Epicurean Cutting Board, Slate Black667filled$19.99

Bormioli Rocco Glass Storage Containers

7x7" Freezer/Oven Container, 54oz8656filled$13.95
6x6" Freezer/Oven Container, 25oz9389filled$10.95
1L Airtight Storage Jar3844filled$6.50
2L Airtight Storage Jar3761filled$7.95
5L Airtight Storage Jar3759filled$13.50

Entertaining and Accessories

12" Acaciawood Bowl, Triangle Shaped6822filled$54.95
Acaciawood Salad Tongs6825filled$9.95
9cm Stacking Glass Bowls4081filled$3.25
16oz Oil/Vinegar Pourer9882filled$19.95
20oz Oil/Vinegar Pourer378filled$24.95
1L Misura Glass Water Carafe4094filled$7.50
8.75oz Duralex Picardie Glass4077filled$3.50
16.75oz Duralex Picardie Glass4405filled$5.00
Rectangular Washington DC Serving Plate8462filled$52.50
Honeybee Jacquard Towel6656filled$8.99